Moving Images

Product Launch Leica Geovid R

Work as Camera, Editing, Sound Design and Grading
Agency: con-vergence Werbeagentur GmbH

Multicam Interviews for Theaterhaus Stuttgart

Music Video “Endzeit” for Schwarzer Engel

Medianight Livestream “Stupro Ton”

As part of my studies, we realized a 4-hour livestream at the end of the semester with various talk guests, live music and contributions to the projects of the semester. For this we transformed the Audio studio of the Stuttgart Media University into a professional livestream studio. I was responsible for directing, operating the vision mixer.

Marccain S1

The Dying Swans Project

The Dying Swans Project was created by Eric Gauthier, artistic director of the Gauthier Dance Company at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart. It featured 16 of his dancers performing solos choreographed by 16 international choreographers. For each solo, music was composed by international composers and captured on camera by young filmmakers. Sebastian Greim and I had the honor to realize 3 of the 16 videos in collaboration with choreographer Virginie Brunelle, Constanza Macras and Guillaume Hulot. The project premiered on April 16, 2021 on 3sat Mediathek and YouTube Online.

Musicvideo for Schwarzer Engel

This musicvideo for the german band “Schwarzer Engel” was shot and edited by me in the beginning of 2021. It was great fun to work with the artist and execute his vision in the snowy landscape. The drone shots were also taken by me on another winter day on the swabian alb.

Imagefilm Gemeinschaftsschule Rangendingen

Sebastian Greim and me created this image film for a local school near Tübingen, the Gemeinschaftsschule Rangendingen-Hirrlingen. In this film, we want to demonstrate the positive impact of diveristy within a school and show, how life at this school is for both, the children and the teachers. Despite the covid restrictions, we wanted to show that the school lives mainly from human interaction and therefore let many of the school’s participants have their say in the film. I took over the production, camera, as well as editing and color grading in this project.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

This Short Film about the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a creative collaboration between Sebastian Greim and me. We had the chance to shoot with the new A-Class, so we went out in beautiful autumn to shoot some impressions. Music “Youth” by Rezident.

VFX Shortfilm: Rendered Dreams

Rendered Dreams is a Visual Effecs Studioproduction from my studies. We did this project during the corona pandemic in our home-office, just like our main Character Hannes, who is trying to escape his reality in his surreal dreams. I worked here as the DoP, Colorist and did some compositing.

Shortfilm: Dopamine

“Dopamine” is a student short film from my studies at Stuttgart Media University. Here I worked as a DoP and Editor.

Product Video: ColorCards

“GMG Color Card” is an explanatory video for the new product from the color-management software manufacturer GMG Color. I made this film in 2018 as part of my working student activity at GMG.